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Shift Your Frequency Fast! 
Have you ever just wished you could snap out of it? Change a pattern of behaviour? Change the way you feel and raise your vibration more easily?


Well, now you can!

Welcome to the Harmony Card, the easy way to let go of patterns, thoughts, feelings, traumatic events, moods and emotions that no longer serve you!

Whilst the Harmony Card dissipates and releases the energetic root cause, the more dense and intense frequencies, and cellular memory it also simultaneously begins to transform your vibration, boosts and lightens your vibe and shifts your mindset! All transformation is taking place via the form of bio-resonance frequencies stored within the card that communicate with the bio-energy field of you! 


It's no longer just about changing your vibe to feel good your vibration is running everything. It's the very starter signal to the universe that invites everything you currently have and everything you are attracting, past, present, and future! So to change your life for the greater, we truly have to change your vibration/frequency to match that which you desire to become! In this way, Harmony cards truly assist in manifesting what you desire to bring into your life!


How do I select my card?

Scan through the cards and see which card/cards you are drawn towards. If you can relate to the card name and some of the keywords then you pretty much know that card would contribute to you! Empowering you is a true honouring and kindness! I encourage you to follow your awareness and choose the card most closely matched to your current reality. 

You can wear up to 2 cards at once should you be aware you require more than one. You can also order another card at 3 weeks after beginning you first card to ensure a smooth transition between the two!

How long do I wear it for?

The Harmony Card is designed to last for 30 days of continual usage, from the first day of use. We ask all adult customers to wear the card for at least 8 hours a day for 30 consecutive days. Everyday use is essential to carry out the emotional cleansing of your energy system. Any missed days will result in a delayed healing, so if you forgot to pop it on during the day, wear your card overnight instead to ensure you receive the very best result.

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Wow!!!! These cards are amazing! I feel the difference as soon as I pop it on...... I choose the designer card as it suits me perfectly! its my fast track to positivity, total trust in myself and my knowing. It’s the missing jigsaw piece for me! I’m super aware its as if the curtains have fallen away from my eyes..... I know what I know and what I know is right! I have the best sleep and wake up so refreshed and ready for the lovely day ahead. Fabulous, fabulous, FABULOUS!!! Thank you Haylee xx
Sally Jafardezeh

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I'm not too sure how to put this but wearing my bespoke Harmony Card is like me just being ME but on steroids! Sassy, sparkly, sensual potency running through every molecule in my body. And oh the ease! 'Stuff' just doesn't bother me! It's there, but like water off a ducks back, it doesn't touch me! And this is only day 3! Woo hoo! Thank you Haylee - Kelly Early!

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As you know I'm wearing 2 cards and these are working brilliantly together!!
My latest two, Abundant AF and Potent AF, are great!

These two have particularly been very dynamic. In circumstances where usually I may feel slightly hesitant or unsure of myself, I’m feeling confident (and maybe a bit Bold!).  I’ve started looking at moving my business ideas forward where I’d previously been a bit stuck. I also have had numerous rebates and money flying in! I’ve always loved the cards but I'm really loving these two over the last few weeks, and I think especially wearing them together has worked particularly well.
Thank you and I’ll be coming back for more in a couple of weeks! - Love Rachel Drysdale

Select Your

Choose the card that most closely matches the thoughts, feelings, emotions or patterns of behaviour you would like to address! 


There are 9 Brand New Cards available right now and more to come in the coming weeks and months ahead! 

Any questions you have regarding the cards please feel free to read all of the info on this page and check out the usage page here.

Place Your

Select your card by scrolling through the available Harmony Card Series. When one catches your attention see if any of the keywords relate to you. Each card treats many things, not ALL keywords may relate to you! 

You can wear up to 2 cards at one time in 2 different pockets.

Cards are sent out for shipping Mon, Weds & Fridays. Postage & Packaging from Singapore is included in the price!​

Wear Your

Place your Harmony Card into your pocket, vest or bra. Many clients find it most comfortable to place it where they will think least about it during the day. 

Your card has a magnetic field, so it is important to not place your card next to or on your mobile phone or any other electronic devices during the 30 days.

Receive The Change

Over the next 30 days your card will begin to do its magic. Some people sensitive to energy may become aware of the shifts in vibration more rapidly than others.


A desire to remove the card, or resistance to wearing it can indicate you are pushing through the very energies that have been keeping you stuck. Perseverance will out-create this. Once over 50% of the energies have been released any resistance fades away making way for greater Joy to be experienced.

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