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Haylee has a wealth of intuition, experience and training in a very wide variety of complimentary therapies.  Her dedication and commitment to creating greater ease, awareness, transformation and consciousness has allowed her to assist her clients to transform almost any area of their lives.

Based in the UK Haylee has worked as a Transformational Therapist professionally for around 16+ years now. Her career path began in back in 2004, after she received transformational therapy herself for a physical condition (Arthritis). Working alongside a mentor Haylee managed to heal this condition and live pain free after many years of suffering with this debilitating condition by healing and diffusing the emotional root cause and transforming her patterns of behaviour. All of this was achieved through the amazing work she now offers today.

After her own amazing healing her journey took her to San Diego in the USA to Study the work of Louise Hay and then around the globe to all corners gathering all the training, knowledge and information she could to offer the very best service to her clients. 

Haylee regularly works delivering trainings, workshops, mentoring & transformational therapy to clients, other coaches and therapists Internationally online via Zoom.  Haylee regularly works individuals from the UK, USA, Australia, America, Asia, Egypt, Europe, India, Spain, Ireland & Canada. 



Louise Hay Licensed Teacher & Workshop Leader

Louise Hay Certified Advanced Coach

Spiritual Response Therapy Basic

Spiritual Response Therapy Advanced

Touch For Health Kinesiologist

Integrated Healing Mind Kinesiologist

Integrated Healing Body Kinesiologist

Integrated Healing Pathways Kinesiologist

Integrated Healing Concepts Kinesiologist

Emotional Detox Advanced Practitioner

PTLLS Level 4 Teaching Qualification

Certified NLP Practitioner

Bio-Resonance Energy Medicine Practitioner

EFT Levels I, II & III Practitioner

Vitali-Chi Boost Practitioner

Theta Healing Practitioner Basic

Theta Healing Practitioner Advanced

Reiki Healing Levels I, II & III Master

NFSH Spiritual Healing Foundation Course

Intuitive Counselling Therapy Level I
Intuitive Counselling Therapy Level 2

Intuitive Counselling Therapy Level 3 

Access Foundation Programme

Access Levels II, III & V
Access Body Process Facilitator
Access Bars Practitioner
Right Body For You Facilitator
Talking To The Animals 
Talking To The Entities Levels I, II & III

Energetic Facelift Practitioner

The Body Code Practitioner 

Belief Change Practitioner Certification
Havening Techniques 

Dealing With Difficult People
Mastering Assertiveness

Meta-Medicine Intro 
Meta-Medicine 2 Day Seminar Completion

Geneline Therapy Certified Practitioner
Advanced Geneline Therapy Practitioner

Geneline Therapy Teacher & Workshop Leader

Addictions Protocol Training 
Reference Point Therapy Level 1

Reference Point Therapy Level 2

Meta-Kinetics Level 1
Making Natural Skin Care Products

Diamond Elite Microdermabrasion Training 
Rahanni Celestial Healing Level 1
Rahanni Celestial Healing Teacher Level 2

Brandon Raynor Certificate Of Raynor Massage

Brandon Raynor Diploma of Raynor Massage 

Right Relationship For You Coaching & Leadership

Aromatherapy Blending Practitioner Diploma

Thai Hand & Foot Massage Diploma
Indian Head Massage Diploma

Hot Stone Massage Diploma

Hopi Ear Candling Diploma

Facials Diploma
Transforming Touch Massage Diploma

Swedish Full Body Massage Diploma

Oriental Warm Bamboo Massage Diploma

Pregnancy Massage Diploma

Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage Diploma

Deep Tissue Massage Diploma

ESB Energetic Synthesis of Being

SOP Symphony of Possibilities Body Work

The Sedona Method
Tarot Masterclass
Kyle Gray Certified Angel Guide

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Diploma

The JVP Mediumship Level 1
The Certified Card Reader Course

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