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Holy moly! This woman is AMAZING! She tapped in to energies that I was aware of but hadn't received clarity on and laser beamed them at me with so much space, kindness and fun that I couldn't ignore them! Definitely different and definitely recommended! Haylee you are such a gift and I'm so grateful for you! Book now people, book now!! :) 

Kelly Early, United Kingdom

You get it when you get it. Thank you Haylee for being the space you be that allowed me so to perceive the space I could choose to be too. There was so much ease and yet the zingers that came up changed everything.

Thank you for opening the door to possibility and allowing me to see where I had been holding myself back. Thank you for giving me the gift of considering there could be different possibilities if I let go of my decisions of what had to be.

Thank you Beautiful You for such a joyful experience! 

Audrey Plate, Brisbane Australia

What I love about Haylee is that she always continues to amaze me with her kindness, the space she holds for you and her awareness of what is going on for you. What started out as a healing session for me and body ended up with Haylee facilitating spirit that had been in my energy field, which I hadn’t been aware of. Some people have talents and gifts like no other and Haylee, for me, is one of them and most importantly this lady will empower you to also discover yours. Very grateful for this magical being.

Anna Fisher, Essex United Kingdom

Haylee has recently given me what is probably the best reading I've ever received! She was absolutely spot on and I felt truly inspired, energised and ready to take the world on. I can truly say that the information that came out of this reading was life changing for me. Highly recommended it!!! She's awesome!!

Isabelle Trottin, Ely, United Kingdom

Today I had the privilege of having a reading with this beautiful woman. We had so much fun and we laughed loudly. Haylee rocked it. Her reading was spot on. She cleared lifetimes of trauma and drama and crazy entities. She reminded me of the gift that I am and empowered me to see and be that gift. Haylee dear sweet one you are a gift. Thankyou for empowering me and thankyou for the best reading I have ever experienced. 💛💛💛

Joyanne Lake, Queensland Australia

So I just had a reading with Haylee and I am literally blown away! I went in expecting it to head in a certain direction, it took a totally different course which I very much appreciated and was very much what I needed to hear! It was amazing the amount of information she picked up on and everything she told me resonated so deeply. It was simply incredible and she is amazing to work with! Will not hesitate with booking future readings! Highly recommended. Thank you so much!

Amanda Bass, United Kingdom

Wow!!!! Just had the most fabulous reading with Haylee..... My universe has shifted so clearly now, I've gone from "being in limbo" to seeing the direction I'm choosing to go in super fast time!!!! Feeling fabulously light and so ready to make those choices ☺ Thank you so much Haylee for being you, you're amazing 😉 Xx

Sally Jafarzadeh, Singapore Asia

I really enjoyed my reading with Haylee! I came away feeling lighter and she confirmed everything that I had suspected!
I now feel clear and know exactly what steps I can take to bring about what Ive been wanting to manifest! x

Sue Williams, United Kingdom

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To be honest, I used to be a bit of a psychic hopper, going from one psychic to the next trying to find what is was I was looking for. I had my first reading with Haylee in 2016 and I haven’t been to anyone else since. Not only do you gain the clarity and the answers you’re looking for, she also has a gift of balancing your energy as she reads, so you feel very empowered in yourself and your choices. xx

Katie Comyns, Australia

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