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Select Your

Choose the card that most closely matches the thoughts, feelings, emotions or patterns of behaviour you would like to address! 


There are 9 Brand New Cards available right now and more to come in the coming weeks and months ahead! 

Any questions you have regarding the cards please feel free to read all of the info on this page and check out the usage page here.

Place Your

Select your card by scrolling through the available Harmony Card Series. When one catches your attention see if any of the keywords relate to you. Each card treats many things, not ALL keywords may relate to you! 

You can wear up to 2 cards at one time in 2 different pockets.

Cards are sent out for shipping Mon, Weds & Fridays. Postage & Packaging from Singapore is included in the price!​

Wear Your

Place your Harmony Card into your pocket, vest or bra. Many clients find it most comfortable to place it where they will think least about it during the day. 

Your card has a magnetic field, so it is important to not place your card next to or on your mobile phone or any other electronic devices during the 30 days.


Receive The Change

Over the next 30 days your card will begin to do its magic. Some people sensitive to energy may become aware of the shifts in vibration more rapidly than others.


A desire to remove the card, or resistance to wearing it can indicate you are pushing through the very energies that have been keeping you stuck. Perseverance will out-create this. Once over 50% of the energies have been released any resistance fades away making way for greater Joy to be experienced.


The Original 2.0 Collection is now available here online!! This is currently the only place you can purchase The Harmony Card. 

The 2.0 Collection was designed entirely for those asking to step into more! More ease, more potency, more abundance, more Joy and to become Unstoppable. Those asking to upgrade and uplevel to the next level of their lives, businesses, superpowers and so much more! 


Are you ready for more? Is this collection holding the Harmony Card that has the ability to get you to match the life that you have been asking for?

Allow your body to guide you to the very card/s that would be a priority for you! Yes, you can wear 2 cards at once! 


Would you like to increase your abundance tenfold?


Where are you asking to become more abundant in your life?

Would you like to clear the vibrations that keep you from the abundance you can truly have?


Are you ready to step into greater possibilities of increasing your abundance at the core?

Keywords: Diminishes Fear of The Future / Transforms Negativity / Energy Transformation of Previous Upsets / Transforms Unmet Childhood Needs / Accepting Self / Increases Self-Trust / Invites Wholeness / Stepping Into Greater Possibilities / Increases Receiving


Would you like to be Unstoppable? Unwavering? & Committed to what it is you desire to choose and have as your reality? 

Would you like to have more of that energy that knows everything you desire IS possible? You can HAVE it! What would you choose if you were Unstoppable?

Are you done procrastinating & Self-Sabotaging? What if the universe can work with you & for you when you are unstoppable?

Keywords: Invites Change / Knowing The Universe Has Your Back / Increases Desire To Care For Self / Self Proficient / Encourages You to Be You / Increases Fun / Joyfulness / Empowers You to Trust Self / Eliminates Doubt


Would you like to tap into your potency and personal power in a big way?


Have you turned you down or made you smaller than others to keep the peace? 

Turn you up with this magical formula, and heal all the energies that don't allow you to show up being the potency & power you truly are! 

Keywords: Increased Self Esteem & Worthiness / Reduces Gloomy Energy / Diffuses Less Than Feelings / Increases Liveliness / Transforms Impotence / Transforms No Boundaries / Increases Empowerment / No More Shrinking Around Others


Does your energy field desire brightening? 

Would you like to release non-contributive vibrations and step into next level possibilities?


Are you ready to vibrate different? Have more Fun, Ease and Joy in your life, living and reality?


Diamond Bright will invite you to twinkle and shine like the star you truly are!


Keywords: Transforms Low Energies / Increases Inspiration / Releases Critical Thinking / Invites Liveliness / Increases Gratitude / Invites Magnanimous Possibilities





Overwhelm can be daunting when the pressure is on. 

Would you like to release the overwhelm? Transform the way you have been dealing with things?

This is truly a next level possibility on a card to invite you to a greater way of being around everything and everyone! 

What if a life without overwhelm is possible?

Keywords: Transforms Overwhelm with Responsibility / Reduces Daunting Thoughts & Feelings / Starting To Put Your Needs First / Transforms Strained Feelings / Reduces Competitiveness / Increases Liveliness / Increases Ease / Releases Toxic Overload


Are you done yet with doubting yourself?


Doubt can literally destroy and diminish your gifts abilities and capacities! 


Would you like to clear doubt from your reality? 


Would you like to access your greatest potential and drop all those limitations and excuses where doubting you has eliminated your future possibilities?


Keywords: Transforms Limitations / Invites Untapped Potential / Becoming True to Self / Decreases Melancholy / Invites Knowing  / Boosts Confidence 




Are you ready to step into next level Joy? Turn the Joy up and create a level of living and being you didn't know was possible?

Have you settle for life being okay and maybe there are some things you may never have or experience in the future?

Would you like to see what else is possible here and be as Joyful AF?

Ready to break through the monotony of comfort zones with Joy create the life you were born to have?


Keywords: Transforms Low Vibrational Energies / Increases Inspiration / Releases Critical Thinking / Invites Liveliness / Increases Gratitude / Invites Magnanimous Possibilities


Would you like to lessen your anxious thoughts and feelings?

Would you like to calm the things that race around in your mind? Be more relaxed and confident? Would you like to be less reactive? More focused and clear?

What would a less reactive you be like if you could have that as your life?


Are you ready to use your awareness to your unfair advantage? What's possible here you haven't acknowledged before?

Keywords: Dissolves Unease / Decreases Dread & Panic / Addresses Fear of Future / Lowers Catastrophising / Changes The energy of Past Traumatic Experiences / Low Energy Levels / Transforms Trepidation


Would you just like more ease in your life right now? 

Do you know that it can be easier than how it has been? Are you done with doing it the hard way?


Moving from difficulty to greater ease is a mindset thats so much easier when these energies are being transformed and transmitted to you throughout the day creating a radically different response to energy?



Keywords: Increases Lightheartedness / Invites Ease / Increases Joy / Puts Things Into Perspective vs Out of Proportion Reaction - Unrepresentative of What Is / Able To See Things Differently / New Choices Available

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