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Select Your

Choose the card that most closely matches the thoughts, feelings, emotions or patterns of behaviour you would like to address! 


There are 9 Brand New Cards available right now and more to come in the coming weeks and months ahead! 

Any questions you have regarding the cards please feel free to read all of the info on this page and check out the usage page here.

Place Your

Select your card by scrolling through the available Harmony Card Series. When one catches your attention see if any of the keywords relate to you. Each card treats many things, not ALL keywords may relate to you! 

You can wear up to 2 cards at one time in 2 different pockets.

Cards are sent out for shipping Mon, Weds & Fridays. Postage & Packaging from Singapore is included in the price!​

Wear Your

Place your Harmony Card into your pocket, vest or bra. Many clients find it most comfortable to place it where they will think least about it during the day. 

Your card has a magnetic field, so it is important to not place your card next to or on your mobile phone or any other electronic devices during the 30 days.

Receive The Change

Over the next 30 days your card will begin to do its magic. Some people sensitive to energy may become aware of the shifts in vibration more rapidly than others.


A desire to remove the card, or resistance to wearing it can indicate you are pushing through the very energies that have been keeping you stuck. Perseverance will out-create this. Once over 50% of the energies have been released any resistance fades away making way for greater Joy to be experienced.

The Original collection has been lovingly created and developed over many years until the very symbiotic blend of the exact frequencies for greater Harmony was achieved. 
The Original Collection were sold and used offline for many years by private clients who reported over and over again how much they adored the changes these formulas created! Its due to the success of these very Originals that we are here developing and inviting you create greater Harmony!


Allow your body to guide you to the very card or cards that would be a priority for you! And, yes you  can wear 2 cards at once! 


Are you a bit tired, fed up, and lacking in luster right now?


Have you lost your the joy and the sparkle in your life?

Would you like to wake up feeling happier and more joyful generally?

Sparkle, magical living and greater possibilities are all part of living joyously. Are you ready to have more of this and turn up the joy?

This has been a top seller for more than 3 years!!

Keywords: Increased Joy / Motivator / Pick Me Up / Invites Mindset Shifts / Boosts The Truth of Future Possibilities / Increases Inspiration


Would you like to step into your personal power?


Would you like to easily be able to set boundaries and say no to unacceptable behaviour from others?


Have you given your power away to people in the past and its resulted in your feeling powerless or helpless to change something in some area of your life?


Are you ready to choose for you and become the beautiful powerhouse you truly are?

Keywords: Dissipates Self Judgement / Diminishes Less Than Thoughts & Feelings / Restores Personal Power / Releases Bitter Emotions / Increases Worthiness


Are you a worrier?


Do you often worry about things before they have yet to happen?

Do you tend to play out the worst case scenario in your head ahead of time and go into panic or upset?

Are you someone who could do with stressing and worrying less about that which is out of your control?

Worryless is the formula for easing the mind of worries!



Keywords: Fight & flight Harmoniser / Reduces Stress, Dread & Panic / Reduces Exhaustion / Enhances Life Skills


Are you trusting your awareness, gifts talents and abiltiies?


Are you confident that you know what you know without having to get into any form of proving energy?

Would you like to increase your Confidence and clarity to see through the lies?

What would it be like if you could trust your knowing and your awareness whether anyone agreed with you or not?\

Keywords: Eliminates Self Doubt / Reduces Pessimism / Dissolves Cellular Memory of Negative Experiences / Increases Clarity / Increases Awareness of Others / Transforms Gullible Behaviour / Dissolves Fear Of Failure / Invites Untapped Potential


Are you environmentally sensitive to other people, places you visit and peoples energies?


Do you sometimes feel like you have an allergic response to certain behaviours?


Does other peoples energy sometimes make you irritated, annoyed and reactive? Does it all get a bit much sometimes?


What would if you were no longer at the affect of anyone or anything

Keywords: Decreases Hyper Sensitivity To Others / Advanced Soul Senses Everything / Dissolves Insecurities / Strengthens Your Aura & energy Field / Reduces Undesired Electro-Magnetic Interference's / Dissolves Toxic Stress


What's available beyond grief that you haven't yet explored or acknowledged is possible?


Would you like to begin to sense relief, heal and recover from loss of some kind?


Grief can include the loss of a departed loved one, separation from friends and family, addictive patterns of behaviour, types of friendships and relationships, divorce, moving country in fact any big life changes!

Keywords: Dissipates Sadness, Loss, Shock & Grief / Releases Deep Hurt / Releases Energetic Emotional Pain, Shock & Bereft Feelings / Clears & Cleanses The Aura


What would it be like to sleep deeper and with greater ease?

Would you like to have a more soothing nights rest? Relax and unwind from stresses and strains?

Do anxious thought keep you awake at night?

Is life stressful and does your energy system require a release from all of it so you can sleep more soundly?

Is your body asking for Soothing Lullabies?

Great For: Hyperactive Stress / Anxious Thoughts / Continuous Fight & flight Response / Emotional Issues / Addictive Personalities


Would you like to stress less?

Stress is a huge factor in todays society. People have huge demands, expectations and decisions to make that can way heavily on the mind.

Would you like to take control back of your life, calm the adrenaline and relax? Releasing tense stressful thoughts can enhance the immune system & calm the nervous system as well as relaxing the strain on other health related issues.

What if you can Stressless and live more joyfully?

Keywords: Lowers Stress Response / Increases Patterns of Ease / Releases Past Stored Energies of Upset & Trauma / Great For: Nervous Exhaustion & General Debility / Hot Tempers /  Trauma Release


Are you a People Pleaser?


Do you have a great sense of your self desires, or are you more used to being aware of what others desire from you?

Have you a tendency to please and address others needs over your own? Are you able to say no without it bringing up any feelings of guilt or self-judgement?

What would it be like to please you and put yourself first more often?

What could and would you choose if you never had to bend, fold and staple yourself into pleasing anybody?

Keywords: Dissolves People Pleasing Patterns / Invites Saying Yes To You / Increases Sense of Self / Promotes Assertiveness / Boost Self Esteem /

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