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How To Manifest Your Desires With Affirmations

Updated: Jul 6, 2021

Are you familiar with using affirmations? Did you know that you are actually affirming things all of the time? Whether you know it or not you are affirming and reinforcing things by your past and current thoughts, feelings and beliefs.

Using positive affirmations is one way of transforming negative or limiting beliefs that are keeping you from your desires. Here are a few things about affirmations that are not so widely known that I’d love to share with you. No 1. Positive affirmations have to be something you can get yourself, your head around and your energy behind. For example: If you are struggling to pay your bills and you affirm ‘ I am a multi-millionaire’. It’s just too far of a stretch and will likely bring your attention and focus back to being unable to pay your bills and all the feelings that go with that super fast. This only leads to more reinforcement of the limiting belief that you don't have the money to pay your bills. Instead, it’s far better to choose an affirmation that’s either a truth or something that’s achievable for you in this moment if you were to shift your focus or perspective. For example: 'My actions create constant prosperity', 'I am in the process of raising my financial income' 'I now create a wonderful new income' ‘The universe is always conspiring to bring me the money I desire'. There are an endless amount of other combinations of possibilities. Play with positive affirmations and see what you can get your head and your energy behind that would make it believable for you. Write out a few and see which ones really resonate with you.

No 2. Affirmations need to be in the present tense. You have to write them as though they have already happened. Saying ‘One day I will meet the man of my dreams’ is in the future and will often always result in things being that way. Instead you could try ’The universe guides me to engage in a loving healthy intimate relationship’.

No 3. It cannot be a negation of where you are, for example: ‘I am not poor’ is a negation that will just reinforce a poverty consciousness. The unconscious mind doesn’t hear the word 'not', and will just delete that and go with the rest of the statement, eg: I am poor. Instead you could try… ‘I discover how I am rich and wealthy in ways I had never considered each and everyday. No 4. Do you believe that you deserve to have what you desire? Louise Hay often says if you don't believe you deserve it, you wont allow yourself to have it. Things will just continue to get in the way and frustrate you. Louise suggests that you add into your affirmations 'I deserve to have ________, or be _______ and I accept it now. That could read; 'I deserve to have love in my life and I accept it now' or I deserve to be wealthy, and I accept it now'. Remember to check in with your feelings, they will show you how you feel about what you just said.

No 5. Affirmations should be repeated over and over until you can say them with complete believability and conviction. This may mean repeating them in the mirror 200 times a day for some and clearing negative emotions as they arise. (You could try EFT - The Emotional Freedom Technique to clear them or simply say - I am willing to release the need in me to hold onto that thought/feeling/pattern or criticism any longer.)

You will know when you are getting there as the universe will begin to support your belief and will begin to show you evidence of how it hears what you believe to be true. You will begin to see clear evidence of what you asked for appearing in at first perhaps simple or small ways, be sure to acknowledge them. When you notice the shift, be sure to affirm that things are shifting and beginning to appear. The more you acknowledge whats showing up the more will show up! Have gratitude and say thank you, and ask what else is possible? Continue to affirm your new belief until you believe that statement is true like you believe the grass is green! After that affirmation is a fully imbedded truth for you, shift gear and up-level to one of a higher possibility.

What if affirmations could help you shift your mindset and frame of reference? What if you can shift all limiting beliefs easily? Louise Hay says that a belief is just a thought we have thought on repeat. What if you could tend to your garden and water the seeds daily until you they begin to bloom? Please remember just like a garden it needs regularly maintenance and consistency to keep things beautiful and in order. Keep affirming your new belief until it becomes a clear reality to you and you are living the full reality of your new belief. After that has been achieved, pat yourself on the back! Acknowledge that you are magic with affirmations! You now know the formula to shift your beliefs using affirmations and you know exactly how to take things up a notch. Just begin at Step 1 and start again! Give it a go, you never know how powerful you can be until you put your mind to it! Most people who don't embed their new beliefs give up just before it take hold! Dont quit! ;-)

With Love

Haylee xXx

Ps: If I can help you turn around your affirmation, please comment below! :-)

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