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How To Use Your Discernment

Discernment is defined as the ability to notice the fine-point details, the ability to judge something well or the ability to understand and comprehend something.-

When discerning we require to sense and notice those finer details and nuances to uncover helpful information.

We all have our own method and style of discerning if information is true and real for us. The real skill is in identifying with our own senses and becoming very familiar with energy changes. We want to pick up on and discern well to help us to make good sound choices and decisions in our lives. Learning our own personal style of discernment enables us to trust our ability to read information at a very subtle level and quickly decide if it’s helpful or unhelpful, Valid or Invalid for us. When we deepen and develop our senses we allow ourselves to easily discern discrepancies in the energy as we receive it.

Everything is energy, information included. It doesn’t matter what form information is presented to us in. It could be in conversation, text messages, articles or books. Everything is energy. Learning to read energy is where discernment is required, we have to be able to tell exactly what was transmitted to us in all its subtleties in order to accurately know if the information is true for us.

Here’s a great exercise to begin to practice discerning what something feels like when you cannot see it with your eyes… But you can perceive, know, and receive it…

  • Each time your telephone rings today - I would suggest for you to tune in and see if you can receive who that person is… If you are unfamiliar with this, first see if you can guess the first call or 2 via the person’s gender alone.

  • Ask yourself: Is this a male or a female caller? (If you get it correct, congratulate yourself and keep practicing each time the phone rings.) - If it's incorrect, please don’t put yourself down. Just stop for a moment and recall what it feels like when you sense with your eyes closed a female energy – take note – and then a male energy – take note again. Store that sense and the next time to phone rings try again.

  • Once familiar with that identification, move on to ask more questions: Male or female? (Get your sense) and then ask: Is this a known or unknown caller to me? (Go with the first thing that comes up)

  • After practicing that you could begin to sense who the person is on the call – You may go direct to the callers name or the business you intuit, or you may continue through all 3 questions and then name them before you reach for the phone.

It’s fun to begin enhancing our discernment and reading energy… This is a simple exercise to show you that you can begin to discern very quickly and build up your ability to know what you know in an instant…

There are more tips, tricks and ways to individually learn your discernment style in my Red Flags Workshop and Online Course which will be available real soon on

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