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Emotional Detox - 2 Hr Single Session

2 Hour Emotional Detox Session + 1 Harmony Card

  • 2 hr
  • 140 British pounds
  • Zoom ~ 2 Hours In Total

Service Description

Emotional Detox is a full transformational process for you to address some area of your personal growth. It incorporates distant kinesiology & energy diffusion designed to address the emotional root cause or causes of our distress, blocks or undesired psychological emotional symptoms. Haylee will furthermore assist you to transform your patterns of behaviour that prevent you from creating the life you desire to have! Often we desire to change a condition, situation, response, reaction or habit and as hard as we try we often find ourselves being drawn into repeating a negative pattern which creates more of what we don’t desire to show up in our lives. Likewise we can attract the same type of person or experience into our lives, try as we might to avoid these circumstances again, it can show up repeatedly leaving a person feeling despondent, anxious, stressed and unhappy in an area of their lives. Through a transformational process such as Emotional Detox we can begin to understand our patterns brought about from past experiences, our unmet needs, unprocessed emotions, and our limiting beliefs. By treating these at the root cause we can free ourselves up to learn and practice new skills, strategies, actions and responses that create more of what we truly desire. All emotional detox treatments are designed to have an ongoing energetic transformation which will be posted to you after your session. This energetic diffusion and transformation will be in the form of a personalised Harmony Card. Which is simply a specially designed card that you will wear upon your body every day for 30 days to continue to support you throughout, and in-between your sessions. It will diffuse the past, the root cause unprocessed negative thoughts, emotions, traumas or experiences, leaving you free to practice new skills and behaviours to bring about the positive change you desire to have. Emotional Detox is designed to cut straight through to the core saving many years through other traditional methods of change. Your change will of course depend on your willingness to let go of the past and instead choose to create a new life filled with positive outcomes! Haylee looks forward to working with and supporting you through your Emotional Detox Journey. You can book below to begin this amazing new adventure to true transformational change!

Cancellation Policy

To cancel of reschedule your booking, please contact us at least 24 hours beforehand. Thank you

Contact Details

Norwich, UK

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