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Welcome to the Genuine Friends Singapore Expat Anonymous Submission Page.

This portal has been designed for you to write in to Haylee with your Questions, Issues with creating new friendships, Your fears about reaching out in the group or community, any ideas you may have you'd like to share with me or the group for consideration or for free advice and guidance on making new friends.. 

All you need to do is simply complete the form below and press submit, and your story or question will be shared within the facebook group anonymously and given feedback, guidance and help. Be sure to share all relevant information related to the story so that we have all the information needed to address the topic and questions you have.

No names are required to complete this form or email addresses. This is completely anonymous. I look forward to tuning in and giving guidance to support you and your concerns. 


Time & Good Friends Are Two Things That
Become More valuable The Older You Get... 


Send your anonymous questions or situations and we will be sure to get back to you anonymously inside the facebook group!

Thanks for submitting! Your post will be shared and answered inside of the Red Flags & Healthy Responses Group Soon!

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