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New Live Video Course

This Is For The Psychics, Healers. 
The Mediums, The Therapists & The Coaches Out There! 

Energetic Awareness Training

The Essentials

Welcome to the Energetic Awareness Online Course

The Essentials


You're trained, you've taken all the courses. You're ready to take on clients, students, build a community or a business and yet your not quite choosing it, something is stopping you.


You know you can make a difference, and yet you need to trust in yourself more, trust in the energy, trust in the universe, trust in your capacities, abilities, gifts, and talents.  


Does this sound a little like you? 


I have been there, believing that I need to study more, learn more, train in another modality.

Hell, I trained in over 80+ modalities throughout my journey believing that each next course would have me feel good enough to work better with my clients.



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