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Would You Like To Learn The Art Of
How To Love Yourself? 


“You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection.”
― Sharon Salzberg

Ask yourself these questions to decide if your
Self Love could do with a boost?

Do find it easy to love yourself unconditionally exactly as you are? Or can you only love yourself when ____________.

Do you believe your voice and your opinions matter?

When you look in the mirror do you like the person you see? 

Do you Self Praise or Self Criticise generally speaking?

Do you find it easy to be your true self around others?

Do you talk negatively to yourself about yourself?

Do you find it easy to say no to anyone treating you unfairly, inappropriately or with unacceptable behaviour?

Are you kind, compassionate and gentle with yourself when you make a mistake?

Do you feel worthy of others love?

Do you recognise the value you add to other people's lives?


At one time I would have said No to almost everyone of those questions. My lack of Self-Love was very real and I had no idea how to change it!

You see, it's not our fault that we dont automatically feel lovable... But in the absence of this sense of Self Love one can feel shame for not having that inbuilt sense of acceptance and appreciation for who they are. This can sadly deter people from learning the skills as they don't believe that they will ever feel true love for themselves.  Many people compare themselves to others, wish they were more like other people they know or view on social media and all of this just adds further fuel to not feeling good enough to view and see themselves with unconditional love. 

I felt not good enough for almost all of my life.

I was a perfectionist and a people pleaser, and no matter what I achieved I still didn't feel love and care for myself until I really began to commit to the consistent practice of living these strategies as a work in progress building more and more competence, daily habits and new neural pathways.  It was then whilst applying these strategies and skills I found a new way of being.  Suddenly I recognised just how I had been destroying my own worthiness by berating myself for not being what I believed other people wanted or expected me to be.  It was in this moment I began to care about me, talk to me, and treat myself with the love I would give to my best friend!  

The most empowering moment is realising that no matter how we came to the point of not feeling lovable, we have the ability to change it!

Self Love is an act of giving to you the very love, compassion and care that you would give to someone who meant the world to you.  It's learning the skill and art of talking to yourself positively in a loving voice. Encouraging yourself to give things a go, coaching yourself kindly and with compassion.  It's saying no to anything that's not adding value to your life or leaving any relationship that no longer delivers respect.  Self Love is learning when to say yes, and when saying yes to another means you have to say no to yourself.  When we hold ourselves in high regard, high value and high esteem we live a life thats free of unloving behaviour as we would not be an energetic match for that any longer. 

It takes time to implement new behaviours, skills and strategies, but with consistency and persistence, love, patience and compassion we can begin to encourage ourselves into new beliefs that support the life we desire to live.  We can re-wire our brains to think and feel differently about ourselves and change our perspectives of life and our expectations. 

The journey of Self Love contains many avenues, adventures and levels... But one thing I know is that even a little goes a long long way.... One simple smile can brighten someones day, therefore never underestimate what loving yourself could create for you over 6 full weeks! 

"When you begin to love yourself it sets a new precedence for how you will allow others to treat you"

People registered on the wait lost will get the early bird 25% coupon code sent to them for the next workshop
If You Are Considering Enrolling Now, I Highly Encourage You To Get Onto The Wait List For The Next Intake! You Are After All Worth It!

In This 6 Week Course You Will Learn:

To Identify and transform any patterns of behaviour, beliefs, and unhelpful stories that are preventing the you from being able to love yourself.


The psychology of how a person comes to love themselves and what prevented this in the early years.


You will access my transformational process for releasing, changing, and defusing the ideas, beliefs, and energies that are not supporting you in creating Unconditional Self Love.


New strategies to forgive and release all the people and experiences that had you believe that you were less than deserving of your own self-love, acceptance and approval.


A Step by step guide of how to develop new and helpful beliefs and habits around Self Love, Self Care, Self Respect, Self Praise & Self Compassion.

”The more self-love we have, the less we will experience self-abuse. Self-abuse comes from self-rejection, and self-rejection comes from having an image of what it means to be perfect and never measuring up to that ideal.” – Don Miguel Ruiz

Wait list people get the early bird 25% coupon code sent to them for the next workshop
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