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Haylee Guides, Mentors & Teaches On How To Live Confidently, Intuitively & Authentically So That You Can Share Who You Are From Your Heart & Soul...

I really enjoyed my reading with Haylee! I came away feeling lighter and she confirmed everything that I had suspected!
I now feel clear and know exactly what steps I can take to bring about what Ive been wanting to manifest! x


Sue Williams

Wow!!!! Just had the most fabulous reading with Haylee..... My universe has shifted so clearly now, I've gone from "being in limbo" to seeing the direction I'm choosing to go in super fast time!!!! 

Sally Jafarzadeh

So I just had a reading with Haylee and I am literally blown away! I went in expecting it to head in a certain direction, it took a totally different course which I very much appreciated and was very much what I needed to hear!

Amanda Bass

What I love about Haylee is that she always continues to amaze me with her kindness, the space she holds for you and her awareness of what is going on for you! 

Anna Fisher

The world is as you see it. So look at it differently and your life will change.

"The world we have created is the process of our thinking.


And it can't be changed without changing our thinking. "

Albert Einstein

Empowering You With The Specific Tools, SkillSet & Strategies To Bring About The Potential Of You Showing Up Unapologetically As Your Most Authentic True Self... 

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emotional detox

Single & Monthly Packages To Support You To Transform Any Area Of Your Life!
Currently with a 25% OFF!
Ask for a Coupon Code!

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Coming Soon, Your Free Guide To Managing Your Your Energetic Wellbeing

Coming Soon
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Mentoring Holistic Entrepreneurs To Elevate Their Skills Into Implicit Trust & Pure Excellence! So That They Can Guide, Read & Channel With Potency!

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harmony cards

Recently Re-Launched Brand New Harmony Cards To Support You To Create Whatever You Desire!

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Intuitive Guidance To Gain Clarity, insight & Perspective On Any Area Of Your Life!

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training bundles 

Coming Soon, Pre Recorded Bundles to Develop Your Knowledge

Coming Soon

Creating & Cultivating Healthy Patterns Takes The Practice Of New Skills, Strategies, Commitment, Repetition & New Neural Pathways.
Combining Spiritual Psychology & Neuroscience We Can Truly
Create Real Positive Long-Lasting Change!

Clients Enjoy a Wealth of Experience & Expertise

Haylee has trained in over 200 courses, workshops, & trainings so that she can truly offer you the very best transformation possible. 

Whether you would like to develop and deepen your Intuition. Advance your life skills, communication, or confidence? Improve your relationships with others or yourself? Haylee has something to suit your needs. 

Intuitive Guidance Sessions, Emotional Detox Sessions, Workshops, Bundles and Online Courses are all available for your convenience here. 


Years of Experience In the Holistic Industry


Trainings or Workshops Attended

Guiding Individuals To Step Into Their Intuitive Abilities, Confidence & Pure Unlimited

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